Iceland – Sunday 13th March 2016

Gala dinner for Britannia Removals

On sunday the 13th of march, me and my band Happy Hour flew out to Iceland to perform at the Britannia Removals annual party.

Our flight was awesome and the landing was almost as interesting as our cab drive to the Hilton Hotel we were playing at. We were driven by a local taxi guy that refused to use his windscreen wipers in torrential rain and gail force winds in a car with 200,000 miles on the clock…..but we made it!


We were greeted at the hotel by Lily and Keith from Animo Events who had the task of putting the whole weekend together, they were not only warm and welcoming but also great fun and sorted us out with 2 cracking rooms and a lovely meal which we ate in around 3 minutes.

After a shower and a run through of our harmonies (forgot to mention, the client wanted us to sing 4 Abba songs which we absolutely couldn’t wait for!) we headed downstairs to watch a local vocal harmony group perform called lyrica, these 4 girls were superb, check them out!

Show time.

Keith introduced us as 4 nutters from Essex and we kicked off! straight away people were dancing and singing along which really got our adrenaline pumping and by the middle of our set the dance floor was heaving and jumping around under strobe lights.


After the show i DJ’d until the early hours while Andy,George and Josh hung out with the guests and made some new friends.

We got to bed at 2am after walking around Iceland looking for a chips van that didn’t exist, lobby call at 5:45am…..OUCH!

Keith was down there when we arrived and we had a ‘grab and go’ breakfast which consisted of a banana and a brochure, Andy spilt an entire cup of coffee over his hand and everything else in the lobby much to his delight.

A much smoother trip to the airport (thanks Keith) and a massive rush when we realised our plane was boarding in 12 minutes and we couldn’t find check in for our excess baggage!!!

We made it with minutes to spare and Richie drew rude pictures on the planes ipad all the way home.

hiltonnordics 2

What a great trip! Thanks Alive Network.

Richie CooperIceland – Sunday 13th March 2016