Why choose a singer guitarist for your wedding?

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So, why choose a singer guitarist for your wedding?

Well a singer guitarist is a great way to introduce some atmosphere to a Wedding Ceremony or a drinks reception, while your guests are sipping champers in the sun music will be softly putting everyone at ease and relaxing them into the day ahead.

Weddings are a place for fun and laughter as well as chatting with family and friends and making new friends along the way, music is a great focal point and always gets feet tapping and prepares your guests for the reception.

Wedding Ceremony music is also a good way of breaking the ice and loosening your guests,sitting at a ceremony waiting for the bride to arrive can be intense, nothing like hearing your favorite songs beig sung live before the big moment arrives.

Your Wedding Reception  should be a fun packed night of singing,dancing and laughing with your guests, a singer will engage with the audience and get the best out of your dancefloor.

If you book me, i offer all of the above services as well as a free DJ package!

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Richie CooperWhy choose a singer guitarist for your wedding?